Who We Are

Wheat Field Craft is the creative genius of couple Dan and Becky Clegg.  It began when they built a home for the first time.  Being able to build as much or as little of their home as they wanted, they opted to create custom lighting in each of the main room areas.  They also tackled wiring, built-ins and finish carpentry in many areas of their home.  It was so energizing to create these unique spaces that they decided they could do this for a living.   They love working together to create all things rustic and farm house, and even a bit industrial.

Dans wood library is his pride and joy (second only to his 5 kids) and used to be Becky’s bane.  Wood would appear in all shapes and sizes, sometimes larger than life, and sometimes busted up and dirty.  Dan has no qualms with this. He loves restoring pieces with history.   For a good while, Becky saw this as ‘one more piece of wood to store’, until they began working together, and actually using the wood.  Finally she appreciates the eye Dan has for great wood stock.

Dan has also grown since working together with his wife.  He used think that under no circumstances should wood be painted.  He sided with purists who only approve of oil or wax for a wood finish.  Becky (through much hard work) has opened his eyes to the beauty of painted hand lettering, which he actually likes on raw wood.  The man even letters his own graphics from time to time.