Raw or Painted?

If you’re us, you’re constantly going back and forth about which finishes are the most beautiful.  If you’re a fan of Rob Cosman, like we are, no beautiful piece of wood is painted, rather it’s oiled and possibly waxed.

Recently we visited one of his demonstrations, where I (Becky) got to use a hand planer for the first time.  Try that in front of 12 seasoned wood workers, and try keep your pride.  Even though I was a total novice on the hand planer, that pine finished off smoother than glass.  I tell you the truth!  The shavings coming off of that planer were thinner than gossamer, like spider webs.  In fact, when Rob was showing us, he lifted one of these pieces into the air and it slowly floated downward until it got near my hand, and then sucked up into my grasp like magic (thank you static).  It was unreal.  Truly there is no reason to sand when you can plane like that.

However amazing that experience was (Dan was like a kid in a candy shop), I am still a firmly rooted fan of painting and staining.  I’m too addicted to the ability this gives you to create distinct art pieces, while making them affordable.  For example, do you know that a piece of genuine mahogany the size of our smallest signs in the shop would begin at 28.00?  That doesn’t include shipping it to us, planning for waste and all we do to get it to dimension.  Pretty cost prohibitive, though the beauty of such a thing may be worth it.

There is the rub.  We love both methods of producing beautiful wood products.

That is also the reason you’ll see varying costs in our shop.  Happily, this offers unsurpassable quality to those wood-nerds like ourselves, while offering beautiful painted products to design-lovers (also like us).

Compromise AND quality.  Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica (it doesn’t get better than this).

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