Inspiration for your space

Whether consciously or not, we express ourselves through our homes.  We may relegate a disheveled pile of papers to the corner, or purposely hang an important quote at our entry. Regardless of intention, both of those actions reveal a bit about ourselves to those around us.  At Wheat Field Craft, we do our best to help people express themselves intentionally.  To choose to surround themselves with items that uplift, inspire and reflect purpose.

Maybe we are tired working mothers, or maybe we are determined achievers.  Maybe we are both. The benefit of an intentionally designed living space is that it reminds us of the life we’re seeking, not just the day we’re experiencing.  We need these reminders!  Brilliantly warm lighting can invite comfort and interaction.  Clean, simple words can change the course of our choices. Our loved ones are surround by these aspects of our home daily.

Choose to surround yourself and visitors with positive expressions of the hopes you hold.  We invite you to explore our pieces, which reflect faith, hard work and family values.  We love light and family and design with those things in mind.

Please contact us with any specific needs or ideas you may have.  We’d love to work with you on designing an intentional space that you’ll love.


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